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Grantmaking in China

China Philanthropy News   -   Helpful Resources on China

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Gw/oB produces an e-newsletter focused just on China. "China Philanthropy News" (CPN) is aimed at grantmakers interested in philanthropic engagement in China. Grantmakers not working in China but wanting summary information on what's happening with civil society there will also find CPN a helpful resource. Columns include News, Resources, and Profiles of China Grantmakers. To subscribe to China Philanthropy News, email a request to .

Current Issue: Issue 024, featuring an interview with Casey Wilson, Co-founder & CEO of Wokai

Check out these prior issues of China Philanthropy News:

  • Issue 023, featuring an interview with Yan Baohua, Program Coordinator of Global Greengrants Fund
  • Issue 022, featuring an interview with Mr. Liu Mu, Secretary General of Gansu Wenxian Association for Post-disaster Reconstruction and Poverty Alleviation.
  • Issue 021, featuring an interview with Liu Meng, Leader of National Union of Psychological Help.
  • Issue 020, with general news and information.
  • Issue 019, featuring a conversation with Wu Fengshi, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Issue 018, featuring a conversation with Ellen Furnari, former VP of Programs and Strategy, Give2Asia.
  • Issue 017, featuring a conversation with Fu Tao, Editor-in Chief, China Development Brief (Chinese version).
  • Issue 016, featuring an interview with Randy Yeh of New Path Foundation.
  • Issue 015, with general news and information
  • Issue 014, featuring an interview with Nick Young, founder of China Development Brief.
  • Issue 013, featuring an interview with Anthony Spires of the Center for Civil Society Studies, Hong Kong.
  • Issue 012, featuring a conversation with Dechen Tsering of the Global Fund for Women.
  • Issue 011, featuring a conversation with Felicia Pullam, Associate Director, Corporate Responsibility for APCO Worldwide
  • Issue 010, with general news and information
  • Issue 009, with general news and information
  • Issue 008, featuring an interview with Geri Kunstadter of the Albert Kunstadter Family Foundation
  • Issue 007, with general news and information
  • Issue 006, with general news and information
  • Issue 005, featuring a profile of the AIDS Relief Fund for China
  • Issue 004, featuring a profile of the Trace Foundation
  • Issue 003, featuring a profile of AIDS and Environmental Activists Hu Jia and Jinyan
  • Issue 002, featuring a profile of the Global Fund for Children
  • Issue 001, featuring a profile of the Zigen Fund

Helpful Resources on China

"An Elementary Guide to Visiting China" [link to a PDF file]
Centre for Civil Society and Governance, Hong Kong
China Digital Times, UC Berkeley China Internet Project
Universities Service Center for China Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
NGO Research Center, Tsing Hua University
Center for The Study of Contemporary China, Tsing Hua University
China Philanthropy, Social Venture Group
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, China Program
Woodrow Wilson Center, China Environment Forum

The Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium
Committee of 100
China CSR Map
Nonprofits in China, the Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard University
China Foundation Center
NGO Development and Connection
NGO Interactive Forum

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