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Grantmakers Without Borders' membership has significantly contributed to creating new innovations in philanthropy and supporting groundbreaking international work. Still, upon launching the organization, Grantmakers Without Borders' founders - themselves international grantmakers - expressed the need to create opportunities for learning that would strengthen the efforts of funders committed to global, social change philanthropy.

The specific idea of creating a Knowledge Center emerged at a Grantmakers Without Borders' conference. Members and non-members alike discussed the need for a comprehensive set of international grantmaking resources that would continue to inform and assist the evolution of experienced funders. At the same time, individuals and institutions new to the field expressed the need for useful and relevant materials to encourage and sustain their entrée to global philanthropy.

Grantmakers Without Borders' embraced this opportunity to help fulfill its core mission: to support, strengthen and increase funding for international social justice and environmental sustainability. In creating the Knowledge Center, it is our intention to develop a repository of vital information, knowledge and know-how in the field. We seek to not only broaden the number of donors actively involved in international grantmaking, but also deepen the capacity and effectiveness of international grantmakers.

To this end, the Knowledge Center will link our membership to a large array of tools and resources produced by respected peers and leaders in the global justice movement and the field of international philanthropy. As a result, the Knowledge Center will always be a work in progress: new information and resources will be added as they emerge, and material will be removed from the website as it becomes dated or obsolete. To view the current Table of Contents click here.

The Knowledge Center is only available to members of Grantmakers Without Borders. For more information about joining Grantmakers Without Borders, see our membership page.

Members are welcome to suggest additions to the Knowledge Center.