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Global Social Change Philanthropy - Resources

Social change philanthropy has recently emerged as a research topic. Through our Learning and Research Committee, we are strongly committed to pursuing research that leverages more resources to the developing world and improves the quality and effectiveness of international grantmaking.

Here are some selected resources we have found useful to understanding social change philanthropy:

“Social Change Philanthropy and How It’s Done,” cover story by Gw/oB member Alison Goldberg in Foundation News & Commentary.

“What is Philanthropy for Social Justice?” article by Gw/oB member John Heller. The Synergos Institute has formed a Social Justice Philanthropy Working Group.

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy's report on social justice philanthropy, "Social Justice Philanthropy: The Latest Trend or a Lasting Lens for Grantmaking? May 2005" See:

Building Foundation Commitment and Capacity for Social JusticeCommunity Foundations of Canada is engaged in a project to increase the awareness and understanding of social justice and build the capacity and commitment of foundations to undertake their granting, convening, advocacy and other activities from a social justice perspective.

Social Justice Grantmaking: Finding Common Language
(Report I)

Potential and Limitations of Social Justice Grantmaking (Report II)

Tools for Social Justice Grantmaking (Report III)

“The Social Justice Gap”
Article by Christopher Harris, Ford Foundation Report

Social Movements and Economic Integration in the Americas, research paper by Gw/oB member and director of Center for Economic Justice, Beverly Bell.



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